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5 ways to find the right Contractor for your Building Project

It is important to hire a contractor when you are undertaking a construction project. Many people ignore this and end up employing wrong people for their projects.

  • Make a list of prospects

Depending on the type of your project, it is good to make a list of prospects from which to choose your ideal contractor. Write on a piece of paper the work you want done and which you do not want to be done. You can seek help from friends, neighbors, and relatives who have done similar projects you are undertaking to identify the perfect contractor for your project. You can call a construction financier and inquire if they have had any contractors with whom they have had a good experience with.

  • Call your prospects

Once you have compiled a list of prospective contractors, you can call each contractor and ask them questions. You can inquire about the projects, which they have handled both recently and in the past, their price quote, and also their liability policies. It is good to ask for references and also consult with their past clients.

  • Interview your prospects

Select at least the best 5 contractors you see have the potential to work with you. Take them to your site and ask them to give you a thorough estimate of the cost of work. Ensure the contractors are insured and they have a license. You can ask them to show you the insurance cover and also the license to be certain. Compare them and choose one wisely depending with the quality of work each has to offer. Ask the contractors to explain to you why their proposal is higher, or lower from that of the others. Always remember that a contractor who bids the lowest is not always the best choice. The reason they will give you will determine who you will work with.

  • Vet your candidate

After you interview the candidates and you have selected the best contractor it is now time to vet your contractor. Confirm with the insurance company that the insurance cover has not yet lapsed. You can also call the country’s licensing authority and ensure that the license is operative and it has on no occasion been revoked before.

  • Get it in writing

Evaluate all the details you have gathered. Write and sign a contract with your contractor specifying all the terms and conditions you have agreed on together. It is also important to indicate a date when the work starts and also the date by which the work is supposed to be completed.

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