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6 Possible Ways on How to Earn Money from Vacant Land

Vacant land presents a raw canvas. It offers numerous possibilities. The location and size of the land; however, will determine what it can be used for. A small plot, less than an acre in the middle of the city, offers much limited options. 2000 acres of vacant land, located half an hour of a major city, on the other hand, has almost limitless possibilities. (6 Possible Ways on How to Earn Money from Vacant Land)

Here are 6 possible ways on how to earn money from vacant land. A little inspiration for you to open your eyes and see the very best of opportunities that are lying in front of you the whole time. Plus, the greatest wealth is found in the simplest of things.

  1. Solar energy.

This is a very lucrative option. You may install solar panels, or opt to rent the land out to a utility company that wants to install solar panels on your land. The idea is that you’ll be paid a monthly fee, or commission on the energy produced. You can also request that you receive free energy from the deal, lowering your monthly electricity costs.

  1. Farm leasing.

Land for agricultural purposes is very prime. Both of you will make money; the farmer from his tiling and you from the lease. You can sign multi-year agreements and have a secure source of income for years to come.

  1. Grazing land.

Ranchers will prefer to use the land for grazing as opposed to farmers. This is a maintenance free venture. Although income might not be as much, it’s better than no income at all.

  1. Parking lot.

This is another low-maintenance venture, a hot spot for earning money. Year in, year out, the sale of cars is always on an upward trajectory. Most well to do families will have minimum of two cars. That means the demand for parking space is almost guaranteed. A lot of people have become millionaires this way.

  1. Camp-ground

The rise of big cities and their hectic nature has led many people to crave for an escape; a getaway experience. Camping provides a nice, peaceful time away from civilization. Bird watching and fishing may be some of the exciting activities they also get to experience as they camp.

  1. Apiculture

The fear of bees should not hinder one from venturing into this sweet business. There’s money in honey. Honey is ten times more expensive than oil and its global demand is unmet. It is reported that global honey market will reach 10,336 Million USD by 2025. This is a vast area of trade not limited to just the sale honey but also bee-related products.

The idea is not to rush to do any of these things but start slowly and do your research. What will work for you will depend on the size of land you have, the terrain and which part of the country you are in. Your financial goals also come into play. The goals inform the way to go. From the list, it’s not a question of if you can but rather how you prefer to do it.