Denver Group Limited is a company that was formed with an aim of bringing sanity and honesty within the real estate industry.

After deep research and personal experience in land purchase, the encounter was not so good; 


thus, I felt that investors who seek to grow their wealth should be offered genuine products
that have the right documentation.

I embarked on starting Denver and correcting the challenges that I faced during my first buying time in land. 



Our desire to offer affordable real estate to everyone is the core idea why Denver exists. 

Through the challenges we have managed to build the company from one employee to 10 employees in a period of 2 years. 


Through God’s grace and guidance, we have managed to complete several projects and our customers are happy. 

We sell affordable plots that have the right documentation and ensure that we protect our client’s investments to help
them grow their wealth

Who We Are

Denver Group Limited is leading real estate company whose main objective is to empower property investors through provision of affordable real estate. About main objective is selling value added plots with ready titles deeds, which are enhanced for immediate development, such that one can build a commercial, or residential property, and also invest for futuristic capital gains. The company is committed at providing professionalism, integrity, focus, and good customer service. With Denver Real Estate you are guaranteed genuine and affordable plots with ready Title Deeds.

Mission Statement

To improve people’s lives through provision of affordable real estate

Vision Statement

To build a trusted real estate company that offers reliable products for enhanced investment and transform the society.

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Core Values

  • Good Customer Service
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Focus & Innovation

These core values enhance the company’s culture, which supports strategy its success.

Why us

  • We sell value added plots with ready title Deeds.
  • We have projects in developed areas suitable for immediate development
  • We offer outstanding customer service
  • We have ready title deeds for all our projects
  • We offer free site visits


Our Company Policy

Denver Group Limited has committed, high level caliber staff who ensure that the growth of the company is enhanced. We only engage in what we know can be beneficial to the market and improve people’s lives. Our company is driven by the believe that strong alliances and networking with other key professionals enhances harmony and growth, thus, improve relations within the community. The firm’s partners and stakeholders have supported our vision and mission, hence, increased growth and success. Our relations transverse from government relevant ministries, housing developers, media centers, financial institutions, and excellent networks with competent lawyers in Kenya. These seamless relationships has contributed to a high number of purchase referrals, which has led to increased growth for the company

Our Office

We are located in Bretton Woods Square Second Floor Kamulu Town 

Denver Group Limited Office