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Benefits and Challenges of living outside Nairobi

Understand The Best Reason Of Living Outside Nairobi

And The Challenges That You May Face

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Most tenants are opting to live outside Nairobi in fast developing towns like Ruiru, Kikuyu, Athi River, Ruaka, Thika, Juja, Rongai, Uthiru, Thindugua and Kitengela. People are looking for places where the lifestyle is easy to maintain and away from their hustling places.

There are several benefits which are associated with living in satellite towns and they include,


Most houses in the towns highlighted above charge affordable rates between 4000 and 7500 for bedsitters, 1 bedroom from 8000 and there are also single rooms which range from 2500. According to financial experts, rent should not be more than a third of your salary. This will enable people to save some cash and use a proportion of it in transport, food and other expenses incurred. Most developers are opting to construct houses outside the town since it is affordable and also the land rates are low.


The satellite towns produce fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes in large scale and are supplied to towns. These foods are sold at a higher price in towns since there are more costs involved like transport expenses compared to peri-urban towns where the food is very cheap. Farmers and business persons lease land to practice farming and livestock grazing outside the town.



Dandora is the major dumpsite for the city garbage. On a daily basis, about 2400 tons of solid waste is generated from Nairobi which is dumped in Dandora. Most places within Nairobi struggle with noise pollution, rubbish, overpopulation and also leaking of sewerage. Theft cases are also hiding due to large number of people.

In satellite towns, the garbage is collected by private companies hence ensuring good environment and also the noise pollution is low.


Development of Thika superhighway, eastern bypass as well as northern and western bypass has attributed to the development of social facilities like malls, hospitals schools and also recreation facilities. The development of roads has led to most people settling in those areas hence rapid population growth which has attributed to insecurity cases. There is also traffic in the developed highways.


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