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Process of Land Search in Kenya

Land purchase is definitely one of the processes that must be treated with utmost critical. Why? This is simply because land is worth, and misunderstandings in ownership may spark adverse eventualities, including lawsuits. You do not want that, do you? Out of the many steps undertaken in the process of land purchase, land search is one of them, and definitely one of the most important. Having decided that you want to purchase a particular piece of land, the next move should be unearthing the key details of the said property, with the intention of confirming the right status of the property. Before you even fill the land purchase agreement form in Kenya, the primary move should be land search.

So, which are the steps that should be followed in the process of land search? The online form of land search under the government portal is definitely the easiest and the most convenient channel to follow. Here are the steps that you will have to follow in the process of the land search in Kenya:

Registration with ECitizen

Toda, registration with e-citizen government portal is certainly one of the things that one can hardly live without. This is because the portal brings the prime government services right to your house. For you to embark on a land search process, the primary step would be registration with ecitizen. All you need is to head to eCitizen.go.ke and register. The process of registration takes not more than three minutes.

Access the Ministry of Lands Services

Under the Ministry of Land, Rural, and Urban Development lies the services of land search. This is the part that will play a significant role in unearthing the prime details of the land that you are interested in. It is important to note that at this stage the title deed to the piece of land will be required. Enter the title deed number to spark the process. You will also have to fill the land search form before generating results.

Confirm Details and Make Payment

It is highly necessary to confirm that the details that you have provided are indeed correct and accurate, failure to which you might have to repeat the whole process of get the wrong results. Once you have confirmed that the details provided are indeed correct, you will be prompted to pay using your preferred and most convenient method including; debit card, Mpesa, credit card, or bank transfer. Allow for the payment to be confirmed before proceeding.

Payment Confirmation and Results

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be prompted to print the results. Better still, you can still opt not to have the results printed and view them online. Either way, the details will always be available in your online e citizen portal.

How Can Denver Real Estate Help?


As part of our property dealership services, we can help you in the land search process. Our idea is to offer our services to completion, such that we will make sure that you eventually own land entirely. Denver Real Estate will therefore be pleased to take you through the land search process, just to oversee your property ownership success. 


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