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Pros and Cons of a Gated Community

The choice of where to live is basically at a personal preference level. Some people opt to live in suburbs, others in the densely populated city outskirts, while others opt for gated communities in Nairobi form of setting. The truth is that any gated community comes with its own pros and cons, hence, the need to take into account all the necessary considerations before settling in any of them.

What does it mean to be gated? This is simply a housing setting that is regulated from one entry and exit, and it operates based on the set principles and rules. In other words, it is an establishment of multiple houses under a perimeter fence and a common gate of entry and exit. 

Let us have a close look on the pros and cons of gated community:


  • Enhanced Security


One of the things that make gated community more secure is the fact that they are monitored closely. Do gated communities have cameras? In most cases, gated communities are usually under surveillance, a mechanism that is made possible through installation of cameras at designated positions within the vicinity.  With cameras within the gated community, it is possible for the security guards to keep a close watch on the activities transpiring within the facility. 

Aside from that, gated community features a common entry and exit, an added feature to security enhancement. This means that the guards responsible can tell who entered the facility and who left.

Pros and Cons of a Gated Community

  • Reduction in Crime Rates

Gated communities are known to foster vigilance among the residents. This means that neighbors in a gated community are encouraged to know each other, such that any stranger within the area will be detected at first sight. This form of vigilance is a leeway to mitigation of crime rate in gated community. Aside from that, the high surveillance within a gated community makes it easy to trace and detect possible crime executors.

  • Privacy

If your aim is to live in a more private residence, gated community may be an ideal place for you. The fact that the setting is under a perimeter fence, and there is regulation of entries and exits brings in the element of privacy. In essence, there is limited movement in the gated communities, hence, allowing you to embark on private activities comfortably.


  • Intrusion

In as much as security is important in a gated community, there emanates the issue of intrusion, particularly in the sense that security guards will have a clear idea of who went to which house and at what time. This may be seen as a breach of privacy but in the interest of security.

  • Cost of Living


Buying a house in a gated community is definitely costly as opposed to other settings. Renters are also caught up in the mix in the sense that they pay high amount for apartments for rent in Nairobi . This is due to the additional privileges and features that gated communities have. In summation, gated communities are subject to pros and cons, but evidently the pros outnumber the cons. Denver’s properties avails its services in gated communities, including property  and facilities management, property lettings and rentals, and finally real estate advertising.   


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