For over 3 years, Denver has provided quality construction services for many of the nation’s individuals looking to build their homes. Learn more about our services below.


  • Denver offers construction services in varied facets of construction namely building works, civil works, and water engineering projects.
  • The firm offers the highest quality of professional construction and engineering services ensured by the highly qualified and experienced team involved in planning, management, and execution of the projects.
  • Denver offers a wide range of construction services to meet our client needs.
  • Whether constructing a new residential, office building, carrying out renovation works, undertaking civil, or water engineering works, Denver has a project team with the expertise to meet our client needs.
  • Our technical team is comprised of professionals who work in tandem with consultants to advice the clients in all aspects of the project and guide the client from conception to completion.
  • At Denver we endeavor to achieve the highest Engineering and Construction standards in project execution, managements, supervision, and on site quality control to ensure steady progress that is within the program of work and strictly adherence to works specifications to achieve highest standards of workmanship and timely completion, ensuring proper Project Cost Control.
  • Denver has a vision to continue to grow at a practical and profitable pace, to be a beacon in the construction, and engineering industry in quality, integrity knowledgeable productions, and management of employees.
  • This vision is in tandem with our commitment to technology progress, such as equipment upgrades and computerization to serve our customers with higher productivity and efficiency.
  • In additional to general construction engineering works Denver offers construction management strategic alliances to enhance efficiency and lower project cost and design/building capabilities through consortium arrangements and allowing our clients the project delivery system that best suits their situation.

Whether constructing a new office, residential block, or adding to an existing structure, carrying out civil, water and drainage work, the nature and complexity of the project requires professionals who will address your concerns. Denver team has intensive experience in varied fields of Engineering and Construction and is highly knowledgeable in design and construction procedures. From initial planning through completion, we are committed to providing outstanding client service. We understand that constructing a new facility is an important step for any client and we provide the proper support to make a pleasant and worthwhile experience.


Denver Construction

Residential flat

Denver Construction

For faster completion time, better cost control, and fewer contract management problems, Denver has the experience and expertise required to ensure efficiently managed projects. Denver in collaboration with its partner consultants undertake in depth studies and consultations, give recommendations and oversight of the entire construction projects, allowing the client to devote their time to normal responsibilities. The service offered by pearl allows the owner to be informed of the progress of the project without being burdened by every facet of the construction process.

  1. On any particular project, Denver ensures that proper management and supervision at every level is maintained to achieve the highest standards of workmanship within the agreed project duration and budget. Below is a typical skeleton project management structure that would vary in levels of management and number of personnel as per varied nature and size of the project.

  2. Renovating an existing building and general refurbishment works provides special challenges. Whether updating a structure with the latest material and technology, or restoring a building to its original splendor, Denver has the expertise to deliver the best finished products, striving to always satisfy our customers and be worthy of the trust they put in us.

Road Construction

Denver Construction

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  • Pre-construction Services
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Renovation

Yes, we are licensed with National Construction Authority (NCA), and insured as well with Jubilee Insurance.

  1. Construction Site Visit
  2. Documentation and Agreement
  3. Signboard mounting
  4. Site/Store house construction
  5. Excavation and house setting
  6. Building

We consider the inflation rate and time then agree on a possible adjustments. We ensure that we involve you in everything we do.

Upon signing the construction service contract, it will take 7 days to get an estimate.

Yes, you are allowed but this is rarely as we update the client on the next steps we are about to take so that they can input additions before proceeding.

We build partnerships with our clients

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Residential House at Gikambura Kikuyu

Residential House at Kiambu


Residential Maisonette @ Kahawa Sukari

Residential Flat @ Kikuyu Town Kiambu County

Kiganjo Road Kiambu County Residential House

LuLu Gardens Estate Ruiru Kiambu County

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