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Cost of Building a House in Kenya

                 Here’s the Average Cost of Building a House in Kenya

Building a house is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things one can accomplish. Doing away with rent issue is everyone’s dream and what better way than to buy and build your own home. However, buying and building a home comes with a lot of questions. Most people tend to ask themselves how much the whole project will cost.

A good research and proper planning is paramount for a successful and cost effective construction project. Always involve professionals in places where you can’t undertake the tasks yourself. Enquire from other home owners and learn as much as possible before boarding on a construction project.

Below are the costs you will incur in your construction project;

  1. Foundation

A foundation is simply the lowest land bearing part of your home. It bears the weight of the entire house, transferring the force through the ground beneath. It’s one of the most important aspects that guarantee a successful build. Hence, it’s made of concrete dug underneath the earth for stability. A foundation will cost you 20% of the whole home construction. Everything at the foundation point has to be right because mistakes cannot be rectified once the walls are built.

The type of soil at the site determines the type of foundation to be use, depth of the trenches dug as well as the kind of re-enforcement to be used. For black cotton soil, it first has to be scooped out until rock level. Red soil is much easier and affordable to work with.

Importance of foundation:

  • Offers strong support against earth quakes and tremors.
  • Separates the structure from underground moisture


  1. Location

The location of the site is another factor that affects cost of building a home. If the location is interior and hard to access it will cost you more due to transportation charges.


  1. Materials

Materials used also help in determining the total cost in terms of quality and quantity. Quality and sophisticated materials are more costlier though they give a superb finish in your home. Always try to source for locally available materials if you have a quarry near your site, it will save you a lot of extra costs. Be present in the purchase of your materials to avoid exploitation from contractors.

  1. Design of the home

Average cost of construction in Kenya is about Ksh. 35,000 per square meter for a simple modest home. The price is higher for a high end home going up to Ksh. 60,000 per square meter. Though the design varies from one individual to the other. The design will also determine the amount of materials needed for construction.  Meaning, simpler homes are much more affordable.


  1. Fittings

These include things like lights, wardrobes, mirrors and any other personal touches a home owner wants to add to their space. The cost varies from the quality of the fittings, the sophisticated ones being expensive and vice versa. In the event of hiring an interior designer, an extra cost will be charged for the services rendered.

  1. Floor to ceiling height

A longer height from the floor to the ceiling will cost more since you will require more material to elongate the walls.

Below is an estimate of building a simple 2 bedroomed home in Kenya;

Setting the house 2,000
Excavating the foundation 10,000
Blinding the foundation 5,000
Walling the foundation 37,000
Backfilling the foundation 13,000
Slab 10,000
Block work 80,000
Ring beam 35,000
Roofing 40,000
Fixing frames, windows and doors 15,000
Plaster 120,000
Total Cost 367,000


3 bedroom home in Kenya;

Stage/Material Cost
Cement 210,000
Sand 120,000
Foundation stones 50,000
Ballast 67,000
BRC Mesh 26,000
Gladiator 3,200
Timbre 120,000
DPC 12,500
DPM 9,100
Wardrobes 30,000
Kitchen sinks and boards 50,000
Stones 90,000
Roofing 180,000
Tiles for all rooms 99,920
Ceiling 84,250
Doors Windows 130,000
Clipboard 43,000
Valley tray and ridge cap 20,000
Round poles 6,000
Paint 80,000
Wall pass 9,000
Electric materials 50,000
Nails 5,000
Plumbing material 60,000
Binding wire 1,500
Transport and labor 300,000
Extras 50,000
TOTAL 2,000,000


It is important to note that the prices may vary from individual to individual depending on the above discussed factors. Due your diligence search before committing to the construction project so you may have a rough idea on what to expect.

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