Understand The Best Reason Of Living Outside Nairobi

What Do We Mean By The Term

 Well the term might be confusing but when we talk of a diaspora investor we mean for example Kenyan Diaspora in USA, or anyone who is outside Kenya that is, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, America and any other country outside Kenya. Denver’s values Kenya Diaspora Market investors by ensuring that they get value for their money and their property is taken care of keenly by a trusted company.



Why Choose Denver As Your Investment Company? (Kenyans In The Diaspora)


Denver’s is a real estate company that provides a wide variety of real estate products and services in the most efficient and transparent way. Our company is driven by trust, teamwork, dedication, and accountability. We have been in operation since year 2017 and our products and services include selling value added plots and provision of property management services for the Kenyan diaspora Population by country clients who aspire to invest in Kenya and those who already have rental houses generating income in Kenya. Based on our research on Diaspora Remittances to Kenya, we discovered that real estate investment takes the largest share and we focused on delivering products that best suits you for wealth generation/creation and income growth overtime. 

What Drives And Guides Denver In Our Operations (Kenyans in Diaspora)

  1. We are driven by honesty, transparency, and professionalism
  2. We ensure that you get value for your money and get you the best investments in Nairobi
  3. All our projects have ready title deeds
  4. Once you come to view your property we will take you to the land and provide you with all the documents required for your land.
  5. Our projects are in areas fit for immediate development, thus, if you are planning to build a home, it is easier and efficient.
  6. Our customer service is available for you 24/7 to answer your queries and questions in regards to your real estate investments, your rental property progress, and documentation required in acquiring your property. Get us diaspora messenger.
  7. We will facilitate you in all documentation that entails your property to ensure that your investment is secure. Enhance Diaspora Insurance that your Titles Deeds and property are in safe hands with Denver Real Estate.
  8. We have diverse properties available for you to choose from based on your investments needs and desires. You are allowed to pay in Installments which we can negotiate based on your specifications and desire

Land for Sale in Kenya | Plots for Sale in Kenya | Kenyan Diaspora Websites


Are you wondering how you can acquire a property while Abroad? Well worry no more Denver’s has a solution for you. We provide you with a catalogue that you can view and follow to see the available properties for investments by our company. Through our 24/7 customer service, we offer you guidance, advise, and solution on how to invest. Our desire is to ensure that you have a hustle free time while planning to invest with us. Through our guidance it is easier for you to follow the process of how to acquire a property through Denver Group Limited (Denver’s – www diaspora)


We have a live chat, Facebook, twitter, Whats App, and Skype for the company where we interact 24/7 to answer all your queries and give feedback on available properties and to keep you updated on any new projects.

We have prepared and placed all our properties in a catalog that we share to act as a guide for all our available properties.

First we will send you the subdivision map through our email [email protected] for you to view and choose a plot. We arrange for the site visit for the representative that you send to us, thus, provide us with their contact to enhance proper communication. Once you come also, we will take you for site visit also to the property (Our site visits are free of charge)

Once you have selected the plot you want, we shall send you a booking form where you will fill you details. It will contain various requirements which you will submit through email together with the filled booking form. Booking a plot if free and is valid for only 7 days whereby the client can undertake their due diligence through their Kenyan contact and once satisfied they confirm the mode of payment for the property. (We provide you with the copy of title for the parcel of land that you are buying, Mutation, and the ground map to facilitate you in your due diligence)

Here you are at liberty to choose the terms of payment that is flexible and within your budget. We allow;

· Cash Payments – Done within 30 days

· Installments – You can decide to make payments in installments upto a maximum of 90 days (50% deposit and the balance in 3 months)

· Receipts for Payments – Once the client makes payment for the property, we shall issue you with Denvers official receipt in soft copy and we shall input the hard copy receipt in your file safely which we shall give once you come to our offices).

We send our clients the offer letter indicating the plot purchased, the price and other key information that pertain to the property and the expected closing costs.

We require your personal documents such as Copy of ID, or Passport, Copy of Pin, and three passport size photos. These we use for the registration and transfer of property. (Send us through email, [email protected])

The following are the documents that will enable the client to own the property purchased.

· A sale agreement – These is prepared by the lawyer and we send the soft copy to you through email.

· Verification – Here you are expected to verify that the information in the agreement is true as stated

· Payment of agreement fees to our lawyer which is discounted to 5000 shs. The client is also free to use their lawyer. (Please take note that these are not legal costs incurred in the transfer and registration).

Once you complete payment for the plot, we shall prepare the following documents for you.

1. Application for consent to transfer (in triplicate) and Land transfer forms (in triplicate). We send you the soft copies clearly indicating where you are expected to sign. Print the documents back to back and send them to us.

2. Once you have completed signing send us the hard copies to us through the preferred courier service.

3. The lawyer will then review the documents and certify them. They will attach their lawyer practicing certificate as required by the law cap 300.

4. Legal fees for transfer and registration is 8% of the value of the plot at the point of Title deed processing.

Once the lawyers verifies that all documents have been filled appropriately, we send them to the land registry for title transfer and registration. (This process takes 1 month upon submitting the documents to the registrar)

Once the title deed is out, we shall send you the soft copy through email. The original title deed will remain at our offices until you come or we issue the title deed to an appointed person who will provide a signed authorization letter from you instructing us to do so. We discourage sending original title deeds through courier services to avoid the risk of loss.


How to make payment for available properties being offered by Denver Group Limited. Well, we have partnered with Kenya Diaspora Saccos and Kenya Diaspora Alliance to bring you the best investments in real estate in Kenya. To arrange and get more information about how to make payment;

Contact us directly through email: [email protected], or Call us/Whatsap through office contact +254 701 730 267 / 0702 202 888 for further direction.