Four Things To Consider Before Building A House

Four Things To Consider Before Building A House

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As much as building a home is exciting, it can be a very stressful adventure. Challenges will pop up no matter your efforts to ensure everything flows smoothly.  You may not be able to prevent every challenge when building, but at least you can do something to minimize them and being prepared is critical.

Are you planning to build your dream house? Here are some factors you need to consider for a smooth building process.

What The House Will Contain

In architectural terms, this factor is known as a program, and it entails the number of rooms you need your house to have and other requirements. It requires time to think about it because you must factor in everything before the construction begins. The best approach is to start with the big things and narrow them down to the small ones.

 Start by listing down the number of rooms you need to be in, followed by what each room will carry. For example, how many beds do you want in it if it’s the bedroom? Nevertheless, it is good to start with the basic ones because you may be limited by money.

The Size Of Your House

The size of your house is determined by the budget and the program factor we mentioned above. You can talk to a contractor to get better ideas, but knowing how much you are willing to spend on your house is critical. The best way to go about this is by checking the project’s cost. The main costs of the building include the cost of materials, labor, contractor, fixtures and appliances, legal fees, engineering and architect fee and the furnishing cost. Once you have budgeted, add 15% to your budget for any surprise cost.

Affordability And Stability

Other costs come with putting up home beside the construction cost. You need to be close to the building site to monitor your work. This means that you might have to rent a place where you will be staying as the construction goes on, and hence you need to ask yourself if you can afford that extra cost.

Also, you need to remember that building is a commitment to a long-term cost. Will you be able to continue building your house after you lose your job or source of income? Consider what will happen if any changes come up along the way and how they affect the construction project.

The Experience And Skills

This is an essential factor to consider because your choice of a contractor determines the kind of house you will get. There are many contractors, but not all of them are experienced. Therefore, you should do good research and get someone registered by the municipal council. Such a person will execute their duties professionally and within the agreed timeframe.

The above factors should guide you when building a house, and you should therefore consider them and get value for your money. We have professional contractors at Denver Group Limited, and therefore you can contact us for one. We help you get cheap houses for sale in Kenya through Urban Rentals our subsidiary company in Nairobi for you our client.