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How 3D Printed Homes Are Changing The Housing And Construction Sectors

3D technology in the housing and construction sector

It is everyone’s dream to own a home and settles their family. This has driven growth and evolution in real estate, intending to meet the need for shelter. Government and experts have been in a constant search for new solutions in the industry, leading to the birth of 3D printed homes. The technology is proving to be a game-changer in the reduction of the cost and duration that housing projects take.  This article shall discuss how 3D technology changes the housing and construction sector.

Reduced Cost

3D printed technology greatly addresses the main challenge in home construction which is high cost. Recently, a house was built in China at not more than $ 5000. This means there is hope for everyone who desires to build a  house but is limited by finances. The low-income earners can now become homeowners thanks to the technology. Additionally, the labor cost is low since two people can operate the machines. However, transporting these machines to the construction site is costly and takes time.

Reduced Construction Time

Reduced cost is not only the only way that 3D is changing the construction sector. The time taken to put up a building is also less because experts can print 3D units from start to finish within a shorter time frame. This is different from the traditional way of construction, which takes a lot of time. A good example of a company that proves this is Icon, based in Texas. Their team of experts successfully printed a 3D single house in less than a day. China also has many companies that have used this technology to construct houses within a month. A good example of a Chinese company that built 10 complete houses in a day is WinSun Decorating Design Engineering. It is expected that as the technology continues to gain momentum, more companies will come up.

Lost of Designs

This is another significant way through which the industry is changing. There is no longer limitation to the rectangular shapes popular in traditional construction. 3D printing technology presents architects with an endless list of designs that are brand new and creative. This offers homeowners a chance to put outstanding houses through their design.

Strong Structures

Although the 3D printed houses may give a wrong impression, their end products are strongly structured houses. These are houses that can withstand earthquakes of the highest magnitude, and this has been confirmed in China, where earthquakes are a common occurrence. The 3D printed homes technology seems to be a solution that most people have been waiting for. It reduces the cost and time of construction by a great margin. Also, you have lots of designs to choose from and own a unique house. Are you looking for a good contractor who will employ the newest ideas and strategies in building? Well Denver Construction should be your number one choice. We have experienced professionals who have the skills and ability to deliver quality, affordable, and timely work. Call us 0701 730 267