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How fraudsters connive with top State officers to evict land owners

Beware How Cartels Snatch Land

Land Fraud – How cartels connive with top state officers to evict land owners

At one point in life, we’ve all heard of a scenario whereby someone has been denied the right to property although he has all the documents that prove ownership of land.

There is a certain group of individuals very informed and connected that use well orchestrated schemes to dispose people off of their property.

These groups of individuals continue to hold dozens of families and individuals at ransom as they collude with employees at the Ministry of Lands, The Directorate of Criminal Intelligence, The office of the Director of Public Prosecutions as well as The police.

The group forcefully takes hold of private land using a mixture of forgeries and coercions as well as threatening a land owner into submission. If all these attempts fail they threaten one’s life and may even end up taking the life of a land owner in order for them to have his or her land.

The courts in the past, have demonstrated the impunity with which these individuals forcefully take over land from helpless individuals and families. Some of them may be known businessmen and women, top politicians or even regime wheeler dealers. Wheeler dealers are people who use aggressive behavior to get what they want.

Various investigations have shown that in spite of clean-up efforts by successive regimes, Ardhi House remains corrupt and full of fraudulent activities. Ardhi House is the custodian of all land, public or private.

Within the walls of Ardhi House, entire histories of land ownership continue to either disappear or are irrevocably altered to the whims of the highest bidder. As a result, families have woken up to see eviction notices plastered on the walls of houses built by their grandfathers.

The unlucky ones have woken up in the middle of the night to sounds of bulldozers tearing down their houses in the full view of law enforcement officers. Most of the time these law enforcement officers are on site to protect the savvy land grabbers.

Most of these fraudsters prey on the elderly, the sick or some of the perceived foreigners. They also prey on land whose leases are up for renewal. Surprisingly even when the valid land owners proceed to court, these pieces of land are somehow entangled in expensive, protracted legal battles, often with the valid owners giving up and letting the grabbers take over entire estates.

All this goes a long way to inform you and to warn you of such activities since however hardly you may come across such a matter, the chances are not zero.

Beware and take precaution.

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