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How to check new title deed numbers

The issuance of new Title Deeds in Digital Migration

How to check

The Ministry of Lands on the 12th day of January 2021 announced the commencement of the process of Land conversion.

The Ministry released new title deed numbers following the conversion of land parcels from the old system to the new digitized platform.

The new title deed numbers were published in the issue of MyGov., which is the free publication by the Ministry of ICT.

According to this notice that was published by the Lands Ministry, land owners are to access the document containing the new parcel numbers from the Ministry of Lands website and crosscheck if the information is corrects.

Ms. Karoney, the cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Lands, advised that any person with an interest in land within the registration unit and has been aggrieved by the information in the conversion list or the cadastral maps, is invited within the next 90 days from the date of publication of this notice.

Access of the new title deed numbers

Only parcels in Nairobi had been fully converted as of March 9th 2021 and the batches were 4.. Land conversion in the rest of the counties is still undergoing.

  1. The first method

Visit the website and click on the March 9, 2021, issue and browse through from page 15.

  1. The second method

For more tech-savvy landowners, this method has more steps, but is the easiest to maneuver. Visit the website and click on the pull-down menu at the top left part of the page. This will prompt a list of options to drop down. On the list of options, click on the ‘Resources’ tab which will toggle another drop down menu.

On that menu, click on ‘Media Centre’ and then click the ‘News’ tabs.

Download all four documents, The Notice on Land Title Conversion -The first batch, the second, the third and the fourth.

Open the documents one at a time, and use the CTRL +F button to locate your old title deed number which will show its new corresponding number and acreage.

Reason for Conversion of Land parcels

The Cabinet Secretary Ms. Faridah Karoney stated that land registration had become a complex process which had been prone to misuse and fraudulent activities due to different pieces of legislation.

The confusion that was brought about by different pieces of legislation had become a breeding ground for fraud. This accompanied by delays in service delivery, centralization of land services as well as threats to the right of property.

The ministry’s main motive of conducting this exercise is to bring all title deeds issued under multiple land regimes into a single land regime under this Land Registration Act of 2012.

The land owners will still retain the ownership, size and all other interests registered under their respective titles.

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