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How to Pay Your Land Rates in Kenya

There is no doubt that owning a piece of land in Kenya is one of the greatest strides any person can make. However, in as much as you are excited, there is the need to understand some of the aspects that come with the purchase of the piece of land. One of these aspects is the applicable land rates.

You might remember the valuation stage when you were transferring your title deed, right? This is the stage where land rates are defined. The idea here is to get the market value for the piece of land, at that given moment in time, thereafter, determine the amount of money to be paid as land rates.

What Are Land Rates?

So, what are land rates? Pursuant to the law of Kenya, it is the obligation of individuals to adhere to tax provisions on property, or business. Land rates are simply defined as a tax levy that is expected to be paid to the Kenya Revenue Authority on regular intervals. It is worth noting that the value of land increases with improvements made such as installation of electricity, establishment of modern roads, and water supply. This; therefore, means that land rates are open for revision based on the prevailing market value of the piece of land. What the previous owner of the land paid as land rates may not be what the subsequent owners will pay. This is based on valuation.

So, how are land rates paid in Kenya? There are three different methods through which land rates can be paid. They are: 

Direct Payment at County Level

This makes one of the oldest approaches of paying land rates in Kenya. What you need is to visit the land offices at the county level and physically avail the due payment. This remains an active method of paying land rates even today.

Payment through Bank Transfer

Another method of paying your land rates is through bank deposit, or transfer. At this juncture, you will be required to have an active Cooperative Bank account. In essence, it is a requirement that the bank account must be valid and that everything should be in your name. The said details will be needed at the county offices for the sake of verification that you are indeed the owner of the land. The transfer of the land rates is promptly done upon request and validation of your details at the bank.

Payment via E-Citizen

The government portal for public services gives you the option to settle your land rates online. All you need is to access your personal E-Citizen account and click on the Ministry of Lands and Urban Housing Development. You will then be requested to provide your title deed number for search purposes. Once the details have been confirmed, you will be further directed to prompt payment of your land rates. Upon confirmation of your payment, you will be ready to print the cash receipt right away. 

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