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How to perform an online land search in Kenya

So, how do you perform an online land search?

Here is all you need to do:

i) Simply log into the E-citizen platform and create an account

ii) Navigate to the Ministry of Land and physical planning and select the Land search option

iii) Input the title number and complete the online land search form

iv) Confirm that all the details are correct then submit the form

v) Select your preferred payment option, which can be either M-pesa, Credit card or a debit card. Note. Cash payment is not allowed.

vi) Once the payment is successful, proceed to print the results

vii) The same information can be found on your portal anytime you log into your e-citizen account.

A simple search costs 500 KSh and can be paid using M-PESA, Credit card or with a debit card.

All landowners are expected to register their contact details with the ministry of land by inputting their full names, ID number, and title deed number in the digital platform.

When the said details are successfully registered, the owner can be notified whenever someone searches for their parcel. It surely streamlines land transactions by enhancing transparency.

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