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How To Spot A Fake Property Agent When Searching For a House

Spotting A Fake Property Agent When Searching For a House

If you are searching for a house, it is good to have a good agent. However, that might be a challenge in the present times when cons are all over, especially in real estate. This is despite the strict rules that govern the buying and selling of properties. This has made it hard to find a good agent since reviews and testimonials from the internet might not be enough. This blog post shall give you some tips on spotting a fake property agent when searching for a house.

Find Out If The Agent Has Any Knowledge About The Neighborhood

This is the number one pointer to a fake or real property agent. Knowing about the neighborhoods where you are searching for a house is an asset and should not be ignored. Your property agent should be knowledgeable about the area and be able to provide any information you are looking for. For example, they should tell you about security, and water. Is the place safe? Does it have enough water? If they don’t have anything tangible about the basic info related to house searching, you should not engage them at all.

Ask For A License

Any professional property agent must be registered at least by the municipal council. The license shows that they are authorized to conduct any business related to properties. If the agent you are dealing with doesn’t have one, that’s a red flag already, and you will be risking to carry out any transaction with them.

Do They Have An Office

For anyone in business, having an office is critical; otherwise, how will their local clients find them? This also applies to property agents. It is good to find out if the one helping you search for a house has an office within the locality. This helps because in case of anything you will reach them easily.

Are They Known  By The People Around

The locals must know any local property agent. They will even give you reviews or recommend them. However, if the property agent you want to engage in your house search is not known locally, you might be in trouble. Most fake agents will say they don’t live within the town and lie to you that they have the house you are looking for but avoid meeting you in person.

Are They Realistic In Mitigating Risk

House searching has its share of ups and downs, and it comes with several risks. You, therefore, need someone who is going to be real with you. A fake property agent will be full of fluff and flattery because they intend to con you and go. Also, their body language can tell you a lot about them, especially when you are asking questions. Some of them will divert the questions and start telling you how they have been in the business for long. Such an agent is a red flag. You do not need rocket science to tell a fake property agent from a good one. The above tips will help you avoid the fake ones and quickly get the house you are searching for. Speak to Urban Rentals as we are licensed to be property agents and in the list of property agents in Kenya. Contact us 0701 730 267.