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How to tell a Genuine Title Deed from a fake Title Deed

Before you Buy Property in Kenya check authenticity

Many Kenyans have lost their money to conmen after purchasing land that does not exist. The brokers and real estate agents lie to the investors that the title deed for the land is genuine and reliable. Follow the guidelines below to conduct due diligence on the land title to evade being conned.

Is it fake or real?

Visit the land registry that registered the title deed and search more about the title deed and also the location in the title. You should consult experts to be sure the title is genuine.

Change of user

Be certain that a new grant has been delivered and the original one surrendered if the title deed has a change of user.

Leasehold property?

Check conditions imposed on the original lease or title deed and the terms given on the leasehold title. Confirm on when you will be required to extend the lease.

Spouse consent

The consent of the spouse will be required for the transfer of property to take place at the Land Board so it is important to find out from the person selling the property or the land if they are in agreement with their partner.

Confirm location

It is important to visit and view the property in person than sending your agent or another person. Plan with your surveyor to visit the Survey of Kenya and obtain a mutation that will show exactly where the land is located. The surveyor will also approve the size of the land and confirm the location on the ground for the land.

Title search

Visit the Lands Registry to conduct a title search. You are only required to take a copy of ID, a copy of the title deed, fees and search application form. Conduct the search for several times using different people before making payments for the land.

Seller’s ID search

It is important to be sure that you are dealing with the owner of the land. Visit the Registration of Persons Bureau to search the details of the seller. You will be provided with their photo and a copy of their ID after conducting the search.

Company search.

If you are buying from a company, visit the Company Registry to confirm the details of the company.

Criminal investigation department check

The land may have issues. Visit the criminal investigation department office in the area to check whether the land had any issues in the past, or if the seller is involved in uncertain land dealings. The CID have the ID numbers of all those involved.

Proof of Ownership

Consult with the chief of the area, the neighbors, village elders and former owners or a land purchasing company to confirm the present owner of the land. Check whether there have been any issues or disputes involving the land.

Land History

Visit Ardhi House, or Land Registry to check the previous owners of the land. Check with the Survey of Kenya to ascertain that the land is not a public reserve.

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