Potential Towns for Land Investment Along Kangundo Road (Kamulu, Joska, Malaa) 

Kamulu is a small town located 25 KM from Nairobi CBD and is within Nairobi County, Kasarani Constituency, Ruai Location. It lies on the East side of (JKIA) Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, bordering Katani and Githunguri on the south East, Drumvale on the East, and Joska town to the south, while Ruai/Embakasi ranching is situated on the North West. The area has a population of 26,448 people.

Kamulu Map

Kamulu Town can be accessed from various directions that is;

  • Via Kangundo Road

Kamulu Joska Plots for Sale

  • Via Embu – Nairobi highway/Meru – Nairobi Highway/Thika Rd/A2

Kamulu Joska Plots for Sale

  • Via Eastern Bypass – (Uhuru highway, Mombasa road, JKIA, Utawala Route)

Kamulu Joska Plots for Sale

Below, its shows the distance from Kamulu to Machakos. The boundary between Nairobi and Machakos is at Athi River Bridge, or kwa daraja. The distance from Kamulu to Machakos is just 51.2 km via Kangundo Road.

istance from Kamulu to Machakos

Among the key locations within Kamulu Town include; Stage 26, Acacia, Kanisani, Kingori’s, and Kamulu Shopping Center. The exact point where the boundary between Nairobi and Machakos is at the Athi River Bridge (kwa Daraja), just before getting to Joska Town.

There are various key amenities available in Kamulu such as Schools, Churches, Government Offices, Leisure, recreational and entertainment spots, upcoming major developments by the county government, Petrol Stations, Supermarkets, Malls, Hardware shops, Quarry’s, financial institutions, piped water, good access roads, Electricity, security, and others.

Over the year’s Kamulu plots along Kangundo road has been appreciating fast. The appreciation rate has been placed at 20% annually meaning that the demand for the land within the area has been on the rise. Having this in mind, this is the best place to put your money if you are looking to gain returns in a few years. Also, it’s an ideal area for investors looking to set up rentals, commercial centers, entertainment joints, and other key services. Majority of city dwellers are preferring the area because of its close proximity to their places of work, good road network, availability of key amenities that enhances the area to increase its potential for habitation.

Many people ask themselves, Kamulu is in which County? Well, it’s in Nairobi County. Kamulu entirely belongs to Ruai Location, which is part of the greater Kasarani Constituency.

Joska Town

Joska is located along Kangundo Road, Machakos County, approximately 37.6 km from Nairobi City Center.

Joska Town

Its serves a community of approximately 70,000 people. Over the years the town has experienced tremendous growth due to its close proximity to the city whereby majority of investors are looking for plots for sale in Joska. With the increase in demand for land in the area, the prices have shot up and this has lead to new developments being experienced to serve the high population pressure moving towards the area. I know you are wondering Joska is in which county, well, its in Machakos County and it boarders Kamulu.

Key amenities in Kamulu Joska.

Investors looking to purchase land along Kangundo road consider various aspects, such as schools, churches, the roads, entertainment spots, shopping centers, gas stations and so forth. Below are some of the amenities along Kangundo Road that are available to help you make a satisfactory decision while considering plots for sale in Kamulu Nairobi.

Churches along Kangundo Road (Kamulu, Joska, Malaa Towns)

  • Deliverance church, ACK church,

Hospitals along Kangundo Road

Gas stations along Kangundo Road

Schools in Kamulu, Joska, Malaa along Kangundo Road