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Lands Ministry to Issue Title Deeds for Single Units in Storied Buildings

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Principal Secretary in the ministry of land, Nicholas Muraguri stated that the ministry of land will be issuing title deeds for separate units in those buildings which has two or more units.

The law is yet to approve the issuing of title deeds to assets, which are not situated on the ground. However, buildings can now be divided into individually owned units according to the Sectional Act endorsed in the year 2020. This is a relief to people who own flats, apartments, go-downs, offices, townhouses, and massionettes, which are above the ground.

On May 10th, the ministry of land detached from its online database sectional properties and ended the registration of the long-term leases which are sustained by the architectural drawings to create space for the facilitation of the shift. However, Dr Maraguri stated they were creating a new list of the sectional properties where they were factoring geospatial data, which would ease the task of regularizing the units established in space.

Property Market

The ministry of land was composing an Act, which would recognize the buildings and apartments, which do not sit on the ground and they would receive title deeds. This means that a landlord can sell individual units and the buyers can acquire the title deeds. This would help in liberalizing the property market.

Dr Muraguri added that by December 2022 the ministry of land will issue the title deeds from the requested property owners. The title deeds will be applied through a sectional plan composed by a qualified surveyor.

The sub-leases in the long-term category, which are meant to deliberate the ownership of the apartments shall be converted to imitate to the registration Act of 2012 and get reconciled to enter the legal category of getting the title deeds. The reconciliation makes the properties in space to be georeferenced, have a parcel number, have a unit number and also show the approximate floor area of each unit. The director of surveys and the proprietor will sign the applications and seal them indicating the name of the user of the unit.

The cabinet secretary for the ministry of land stated that the ministry had started to convert the long term leases, which were registered under the architectural drawings to match with the Sectional Properties Act 2020 and the Act imposed by the land registry in the year 2012. For the process to be conducted only the sectional plan, original title deed, rent apportionment for the unit, and the long term lease which was previously registered are required.

Original Registers

Upon the registration of the sectional plan, the original register shall be distorted, and a new register opened according to the requirements as defined in the new units plan. This will help to revolutionize the property market since the developers which do not have enough space can build more buildings in the space for selling.

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