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Living in diaspora? Here’s how you can invest directly in Kenya

More than three million Kenyans reside in diaspora most of which are anticipating to invest in Property in Nairobi Kenya.

The tips below will help you invest without being conned by friends, or family.

Contact a reputable real estate Firm directly

You can select a real estate you want to invest with by searching on social media, blogs, and websites. Go through different social media and websites to get the information and the details of the company you want. You can check on the comments given by other clients about the company. You can also get recommendations from customers who have done business with the company.

Cross check details before striking the deal

Contact the real estate of your choice and confirm the information that they have indicated on their website. After that you can continue with the online buying on the website and do not involve a third party. You should make the payments directly to the company. Ensure you read and understand the terms, conditions, and policies when doing the buying procedure to ensure that you are well informed before making the last buying verdict.

Avoid companies that inflate prize when they realize they are selling to a diaspora client

Some real estate companies may charge you extra when they learn that you are buying from diaspora. Choose a real estate company that has an online purchasing scheme and does not change the prices of the property once they learn you are a diaspora client. You should make direct transactions to the real estate company.

Allow your relatives and friends play a supervisory role but not decide for you

Contact the investment company directly to avoid diversion of your cash by your relatives, or friends. The company should give you all the information regarding the property like project location, prices of the property, and value adds. You can ask your friends, or relatives to attend site visits for you, but ensure you make direct payments to the company. The firm can send you the project layouts to select the plot of your choice and ask advice from your friends and relatives. You should be the one to make the financial decision.

Do not over rely on internet information

Some sources on the internet may portray negative information about the real estate companies. Do not be discouraged to invest by the information on the Internet. Ask the real estate you want to invest with to give you the information you need. Compare the yearly growing records from your home country with the percentage returns for the real estate. 

Ensure you sign the legal documents and receive your title deed personally

The law regulates the process of land transfer in Kenya. You are required to fill and sign an offer letter, sign sale agreements, and land transfer forms, which will be sent to you directly on email by the company for signing. The process certifies that you have followed the law to acquire the property. You can receive you title deed personally through the international courier services.

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