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Cheapest Mortgage Rates in Kenya

The Coop bank has for a long time been of great help to investors by financing them. It is actually the number one bank that has been financing mortgages for Kenyans since 2009 through the Good Home Mortgage Property Hub. This has enabled many Kenyans access to residential and commercial properties that are approved by banks. Since its launching last year August, this one-stop shop from coop bank has consistently continued to serve developers for whom the bank has financed a ready market for their properties. On the other hand, they give buyers a wide range of properties to choose from.

How Do Customers Access The Good Home Property Services

There are two ways you can access these coop bank services; through their online portal or physically at KUSSCO Center Upper hill, Nairobi. You can also access financing through the Good Home Mortgage in all currencies, corporate companies, SMEs, and cooperatives. If you are in the diaspora, you are also not limited because you can use all these channels to receive your financing. The Coop bank boasts a team of experts with a wide range of solutions to be offered to special groups like contractors, landlords, and cooperative societies all of which are aligned to an affordable housing program. This also comes in strongly as one of the government’s big 4 agendas.

More About Coop Bank And Investment

The cooperative bank started providing housing solutions through a mortgage in 2009 and through the property hub, the bank has boosted its capacity to serve all real estate sectors. This is all with the aim of providing relevant and innovative services to a big network of corporate and retail customers. The bank owns properties in various parts of the country including Mombasa, Kiambu, Upper hill, Kilimani, Ruaka, Ngong, Mlolongo, and some parts of central Kenya. There are various products that you can get at the Good Home Mortgage Property Hub including being financed to acquire a commercial, residential, or both types of properties.  The program also finances first-time buyers, those who wish to own their dream houses, and anyone buying a house as an investment. Apart from this, the bank will fund the construction of whichever property you wish to have. Another amazing product of the bank is the equity release where you can be given a loan against your property. The other products include financing to purchase land, renovate or build a property. It is with no doubt that the cooperative bank is the lasting solution to all your investment needs. The bank is greatly helping anyone who wishes to develop a plot, buy land or get a loan against tier property. The future of investment in Kenya might be this bank. Denver Construction partners with the bank to help build homes for our customers who purchase land for immediate settlement. Learn more about the cost of prefabricated houses in Kenya from experts Denver Properties. Call us 0701 730 267.