You are currently viewing Most Attractive Areas for both Rental and Residential Investments along Kangundo Rd

Most Attractive Areas for both Rental and Residential Investments along Kangundo Rd

Land Investments along Kangundo Road

Towns that are winning when it comes to land investments along Kangundo road

The ever increasing population in Kenya has brought about the need to get more investments in land, which basically means that more people are looking for land to invest in.

The cost of land solely depends on the size, location, and the availability of social amenities in the specific area you want to invest in. Some of the most common, but important social amenities are availability of water, electricity, hospitals, business centers as well as security.

If you are looking to invest in land, Kangundo road is one of the areas that should be top of your list. The area is flooded with social amenities and is experiencing really fast growth due to the overgrowing population. Electricity and water in the area is easily accessible and its nearness to Nairobi makes it a nice place to buy a plot.

The area is serene and is secure. Most plots here are sold, in terms of, acres, which may be subdivided to get smaller portions such as eighth acres (50 by 100).

The Kangundo road areas that are common for investments are Ruai, Joska, Kamulu, Malaa Mutathia, Koma, Tala, and Kantafu.

If you are travelling from Nairobi CBD towards Tala through Kangundo road, you will notice the massive growth and infrastructure. The road that starts from Outering road has been seeing a lot of developments in real estate over these past few years.

The area now has luxurious homes, thriving commercial centers, petrol stations, recreational places, bars and Nyama Choma joints, hardware shops and supermarkets. There are timber yards as well as construction material shops. Lorries with sand ferrying it to desired destinations is a common sight on this road.

Ruai Town

Ruai is a great area for one to consider investing in. Whether you are investing in it for residential or commercial purposes, Ruai has got you covered.

Ruai has continued to experience rapid growth over the years. This in turn has made the prices of property as well as of vacant plots to appreciate in cost at a very fast rate. The growth rate experienced in Ruai area on average stands at 20% per year according to research.

The area has good infrastructure as roads in the area are well maintained.

The area also has various social amenities which go hand in hand to provide the residents of Ruai with comfort living. These are amenities such as Equity bank which stands out as one of the major structures. There is also a supermarket (Quick mart), as well as various hospitals one of them being the Ruai Family Hospital.

Kamulu Town

Kamulu on average is 4 km from Ruai town. The area is also great when thinking of investing in land whether for commercial or for residential purposes.

In as much as Ruai is considered to be more of a commercial area, Kamulu is more on the Residential side. You may find that Kamulu is a suitable place to have your home constructed and settle your family. The area is affordable with serviced eighth acres going from 1,000,000 to 2,500,000 depending on their proximity to the road.

Joska Town

The area around Joska is ideally the first town under Machakos County. The town is very promising and has shown rapid growth as compared to the way it was a couple of years back. With the proposed Eastern bypass which is supposedly to cut between this town the area will witness the greatest surge in growth as the area will be a lot more developed and exposed. If you are thinking of investing in land in this particular area, this would be the most appropriate time to invest in it before land appreciates as a result of these developments.

All the above areas are all suitable for both commercial and residential purposes depending on your preference.

Malaa town

Malaa is among the upcoming towns along Kangundo road with a really fast growth rate. If you are thinking of investing in Malaa, do not wait to invest, invest then wait.

The area is expected to witness rapid growth over the coming area making this the best time to invest in the area as land is still affordable.

When you decide to invest in land, ensure you make a site visit to the specific land you have selected to ensure you have seen the land for yourself and you are comfortable with the location and size depending on the purpose you are buying it for and depending on your budget too.

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