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Process of Transfer of Land Title in Kenya

Having acquired a piece of land, you will definitely have to pursue full ownership of the same, and this is where the transfer of land title in Kenya applies.  Denver’s Real Estate will be happy to facilitate your land purchase process. If you have always wondered on how to get title deeds, this is the point where you are required to undergo the full process to ensure that you eventually own your land. Is a deed proof of ownership? Yes it is. However, it must be noted that land title must be in your name for you to be rendered the legitimate owner of a piece of land. (Process of Transfer of Land Title in Kenya)

In order to be rendered the legitimate landowner through transfer of land title deed, here are the prime steps that you must undergo:

Land Search

At this stage, the aim is to unearth the prime details of the piece of land, including ownership history, land/plot number, size, and location, among others. You can opt to apply for land search in person, at any of the land registry offices near you, or you can simply embark on land search online using the E-citizen portal. How much does a land title search cost? The charges for land search are Ksh. 1500.

Application for Consent of Transfer

It is important to note that this stage involves the deputy county commissioner and his office. The said office convenes a land control board once or twice every month. This is the board that is mandated with the issue of consent of transfer. Any person interested is required to present the following documents; spouse consent, national ID card, KRA pin for both the buyer and the seller, executed transfer consent form, and original title deed.


This is the point where the market value of the piece of land is determined, through a legitimate professional linked with land registry. The need for this stage is to come up with an estimated value of the land to further determine the amount of stamp duty to pay. Upon valuation, the professional individual from land registry provides the value of the plot on the application form. The key documents needed at this stage include; land search, an application form, letter of consent, a sketch map, and a copy of the title deed. Having provided the aforementioned documents, you will be required to pay the predetermined stamp duty to allow for processing.

Title Deed Booking

Having completed the previous steps successfully, it is now time to book your title deed. This is based on a number of aspects including; changing title deeds after death to spouse, adding spouse to title deed after marriage, or simply changing the name of the title deed to yours after successful land purchase. Among the documents that will be needed at this juncture include; title deed (original), spouse consent, valuation report, application form for registration, ID card and KRA pin for the buyer and seller, payment receipt for stamp duty, passport photos for the involved parties, and executed transfer forms. Upon submission of the said documents, it will take approximately 6 months to have the ultimate results.

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