Brooklyn Ridge Gardens Joska Town, along Kangundo Road Unbelievable Offer!

Buying land is one of the best form of investment that gains high returns overtime. Majority of people say that land in Nairobi is expensive, hence, the rise in demand and growth of the satellite towns that are close to Nairobi. Infrastructure development, that is, good roads that lead to easy accessibility are the main drivers for the social and economic development within the upcoming satellite towns near the city. The ongoing expansion and upgrade of Kangundo Road continues to raise demand for land in areas such as Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, Malaa, Komarock, Tala, and Kangundo towns.

Project Features & Location

Denver Group is a leading brand in the Kenyan real estate sector whose main objective is to provide affordable real estate and empower property investors who are looking for value added plots in Nairobi and its environs that are enhanced to suit immediate residential settlement, commercial investments and futuristic, or speculative capital gains. We are glad to introduce to you our new project in Joska Town, BROOKLYN RIDGE GARDENS. The project is 38.1 km from Nairobi CBD in a serene area located 1.8 Km from Kangundo Road, in a highly developed area with good access all weather roads. The plots are in a gated & serviced residential area comprising of 50*100 plots that are well demarcated on the ground with beacons clearly visible. The plots are going for a cash price of 850,000 shs. The investment is 55 minutes’ drive from the city center making it possible for you to commute to your workplace from home. Electricity and public transport is available with the city shuttle, Eastern by Pass Sacco buses plying that route

Property Price

  1. The plots are going for a Cash Price of 850,000 shs for a 50*100 plot size.
  2. Instalment options are also available whereby you can book your property with a45% deposit of the purchase price and the balance payable within 4-6 months. We offer free site visits from Monday to Saturday Call: 0701 730 267 | 0702 202 888.