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Pros and Cons of living in a Gated Community

The Advantages (Pros) and Disadvantages (Cons) of A gated community

When we talk of gated communities, some of the things that may quickly run through your mind at that time are how safe the area is, privacy, expensive homes, celebrities etc. Above all one may want to know is whether a home for you and your family fits in this neighborhood.

A gated community is a group of homes that are only accessible to residents and their guests. While it may be very prestigious, it is important to have the following advantages and disadvantages in mind, before you buy a home in a gated community.

Pros: Privacy and Security

Gated communities provide various benefits to the residents that live within them, although most times those amenities don’t come cheap.

The number one reason people chose to live in gated communities is the security element. A gated community is more private hence more difficult to access than a standard community.

Criminal activity is minimized in gated communities and an attempt by a solicitor is more difficult, if not possible.

As a matter of fact, living behind the gates guarantees more privacy. Most gated communities are guarded by a pass code protected gate so as to ensure that only members and welcomed guests can get in.

Pros: Less traffic

The protective gates mean that nobody will be speeding down your streets or looking for a shortcut through your neighborhood. The streets will be calm and you will be able to enjoy just relaxing outside.

Cons: Privacy invasion

Assuming that the gate is indeed guarded, anyone that comes to your home will have to be added to the visitors list.

The complete surveillance on the property goes a long way in ensuring security but may be invading of people’s privacy as the guards know and see every movement in the compound and thus not privacy friendly.

Cons: Limitation on guests

It will be harder for guests to enter. The increase on the privacy ultimately means that guests will have a harder time getting into the premises. In most cases you’ll have to call the gatehouse to request for someone’s entrance.

Pros: Presence of great amenities

Gated communities often have excellent amenities. An example of these amenities is the neighborhood pools, tennis courts as well as basketball courts, clubhouses, fast foods or even Drive-through and more, can often be found in gated communities.

Cons: Pricey

Always remember that these great amenities are paid for by the residents. This can add money on the total you already have to spend for the neighborhood to maintain these services. The houses themselves cost more cause of the prestige of living in a gated community.

Pros: Regular upkeep

While living in a gated community, you won’t have to worry about messy neighbors or unclean neighborhoods since there is regular upkeep by the management or the Home Owners Association. This ensures that the community is always nice and presentable even to potential clients.

Cons: Restrictions by the Home Owners or Property Managers

The property managers not only maintain the neighborhood, but also put restrictions on what you do with the property. They can prevent you from adding any structures on the premises or painting your doors or roof in a different color and etc. You should ensure to check or inquire of any laws before purchase of property.

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