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Questions to ask when buying land to build in Kenya

When you are buying land for the first time you might get lost in the entire procedure of buying land especially if you are buying by yourself. You should know what to check and questions to ask when buying land. You should be aware of the risks associated with buying land like conmen. They will help you make informed decisions and also save you money and time.

It is important to ask the following questions when buying land;

Who owns the land?

It is important to find out the owner of the land and if the land has a title deed after finding the piece of land in the location of your choice. It would be frustrating if someone comes back to reclaim the land saying they did not sell it after buying the land so it is important to know who is selling. In the case where the person selling the land does not have a copy of the title deed you can visit the survey headquarters to get the map for the land then perform a land search.

Does the land exist?

Many people have lost a lot of money after buying fake land from conmen. One piece of land can be sold to more than one person without their knowledge. It is better to consult with the neighbors surrounding the land you are interested in buying before paying for it. A person might be conned if they decide to buy land without consulting or asking for help. You can get help from friends or get a real estate agent to help you buy the land. Seeking advice from real estate professions is also advisable.

Does it have clear boundary marks?

It is important to mark and know the boundaries of the land you want to buy to avoid mistakes such as planting or building in another person’s land which might lead you to trouble.

How do I access the land?

You should know the road to get to your land. You must make sure the land you want to buy has pathways. A land with no road or pathways will leave you trespassing on someone else’s land which might lead you to trouble. Places which lack roads will be cheaper compared to those with good road networks. Buying land in rural areas gives you confidentiality and calmness since it’s away from the City Center.

Are there any environmental issues?

It is hard to identify environmental dangers by looking with our eyes so it is important to ask if there is existence of such environmental hazards that might be harmful to the land. Environmental hazards are expensive and might affect you especially once you begin construction on the land. When you buy a land on a new location chances are you don’t have any idea on what is happening in terms of soil chemicals, underground pipes and storage.  So it is important to ask to ensure that you and your family will have a safe environment to live in.

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