Join our New Refer a Friend Program!

Invite your friends to purchase property from us. Explain and elaborate to them why they should invest with Denver Group Limited.

Your friend visits our offices, we take them for a site visit, they like the property we recommend to them and request that they undertake due diligence.

Your friend is happy with the property and makes a purchase.

You get your 3% commission in full upon a successful transaction

For a client who has purchased property with us to qualify:-

The client must have purchased, or in the process of acquiring a plot with us.

The client must give us a review on Facebook and Google.

The client must give us a recommendation on FB, or Google

NB: Our commission is structured in terms of cash, discounts, shopping vouchers, or a holiday upon a successful purchase from your referral. Refer Your Friends today!

NB: You have the ability to refer more than one friend! If you refer more than 5 friends and they all make a purchase, you get a 5% commission on each purchase made.