Any refunds that the Purchaser shall be entitled to from the Vendor in this Agreement shall be by way of cheque. Further, any such refunds shall be disbursed in not later than ninety (90) days. However, if the Purchaser pays anything above 75% of the Purchase Price but wishes to withdraw from the transaction, the Vendor shall only refund the monies paid less 30% penalty of the Purchase price only after reselling the Property.


 If the Purchaser is for any reason unable to complete the sale transaction, the Vendor shall issue a fourteen (14) days’ notice to complete (the “Completion Notice”) and if at the expiry of the Completion Notice the Purchaser shall still be unable to complete, The Vendor shall terminate the Agreement by Notice in writing and shall be entitled to retain Thirty (30) per cent of the Purchaser Price (being the agreed liquidated damages). They will refund the deposit paid (Less 30% of the Purchase Price) to the Purchaser upon resale of the said property

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