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Summary of Title Deed Application in Kenya

While the process of title deed application in Kenya may seem cumbersome and time consuming, everything should be done, pursuant with the land laws of the country. In this regard, it is indispensable to understand the process through which title application is done. Here is a summary of the title deed application in Kenya;

Land Search

This is the point where you get to know the history of the land, location, and the former owner. At this juncture, you will be required to provide the seller’s title deed number for the land to be located along with the essential details.

You may opt to apply for land search in person. This requires you to visit the land registry offices at the county level whereby the due process will be followed. It is important to be in possession of all the required documents including prove of ownership, PIN, and national ID/passport. Alternatively, you can conduct land search online, via the government’s E-citizen portal.

n portal.

Land Transfer Documents

This stage is all about obtaining the necessary land transfer document. Primarily, you will have to pay Ksh. 10,000 for rates clearance certificate. You will also have to acquire land rent clearance certificate. Finally, you will require consent to transfer from the land commission. The processes have independent applicable charges, hence, the need to be conscious on that. Filing of the transfer instrument comes as the last stage in obtaining of land transfer documents.

Valuation and Payment of Stamp Duty

An officer from the ministry of lands will be selected and mandated with the task of land valuation. In this case, land valuation is based on the prevailing market rates. It is the lands ministry officer to fairly do the valuation, based on the developments that have been made.

Following successful valuation of the property, you will be required to pay for stamp duty. This is a portion, or a percentage of money based on the value of the land in question. Payment of stamp duty is equated to an endorsement of the value of the piece of land, and the rates that will be paid upon complete application and transfer for the title deed. Payment of stamp duty is essentially done with the help of a bankers check, and is directly done to the Kenya Revenue Authority. You will be granted a receipt of payment once you have processed the payment for the stamp duty.

Land Registration

Having completed the above steps, it is time to conclude with the land registration and processing of the title deed. The seller’s lawyer has the mandate of lodging the completion document with the lands ministry. This process takes twelve days to complete. In essence, all the documents processed and stamped are needed at this juncture. A payment of Ksh 500 is required for one to obtain a booking form to fill, before lodging the completion of documents. All documents identified in the previous steps are needed here. You will further pay 5,000 for the processing of a new title deed.

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