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The benefits of living in a gated community

Why Gated communities stand out

A gated community typically refers to any type of residential neighborhood that has controlled access. When we think of a gated community, the first thing that comes to mind is privacy, security, safety, exclusivity, luxury homes and much more. However, what we may not know is what lies beyond those gates.

Gated Communities offer Privacy, Protection and Prestige

The main reason why people choose to live in gated communities is the privacy and the security that comes along with it. A gated community is very big on privacy and is harder to access for strangers and other trespassers as compared to a standard community.

Criminal activity is minimized in gated communities and an attempt by a solicitor is more difficult, if not possible.

Most gated communities have gate houses in every cluster manned by security guards who adhere to strict security protocols pertaining to security clearance and access control.

Traffic free

Gated communities are traffic free and most gated communities have a speed limitation therefore speeding cars are less likely, making it quieter and safer for children to play and ride bicycles within the gates of these neighborhoods. Nobody will be speeding down within these gates or looking for a shortcut through your neighborhood.

Higher standards of Homes

A common aspect of gated communities is the higher standard of home quality and stricter building codes that promote uniformity in design. This means more comparable sales and better value for all the homeowners within the community.

Homeowners in these kinds of neighborhoods have a sense of pride in ownership and usually keep their homes in great condition.

Common amenities for the residents’ exclusivity

A popular feature in gated communities is the presence of amenities that are exclusive to the residents such as swimming pools, club houses, playgrounds, and parks. Maintenance of these facilities and landscaping of gardens and parks is often taken care of.

The communities in these areas agree on the kind of features they want that will ideally make these environments attractive to both the internal and external communities.

Considerations before investing in a gated community

Gated communities are springing out each day and therefore it is very important to consider the location of the property. Most of these communities are in Nairobi but this, however, does not guarantee security. Gated communities in most cases have high security and are well guarded as security in such an environment is crucial.

In as much as location is crucial, you do not need to get a house in the most expensive area in town but basically just have an understanding of what the area you are investing in is like.

These kinds of investments can do wonders for your financial future as they offer good returns and enhance status of an individual.

Gated communities have attracted a lot of middle class Kenyans and living in these communities has become an irresistible lifestyle to many people. It is crucial for an individual to have a strategic plan as they launch into making real estate investments.

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