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The Big 4 Agenda Housing

One of the moves by the current government administration in Kenya is to enhance the livelihoods of individuals, whether those living locally, or those in the diaspora. It is for this reason that the government established the big 4 agenda, one of them being housing. One of the great things that individuals living in diaspora aim at is having the cost of housing reduced. In essence, affordability in housing is the main aim of such individuals. It targets the property market directly.

If you have been wondering how the diaspora clients can directly buy land in Kenya, this is one of the aspects that are addressed under the big 4 agenda, particularly housing. Why is affordable housing necessary? The primary reason why it is necessary is simply based on housing being a basic need for any person. Homelessness is one of the challenges that any government aims at bringing down. To achieve this, the government aims at reducing the cost of home ownership by 50%, hence, rendering housing affordable to an even larger population.

So, which are some of the things that the government has put in place to ensure affordable housing?

Simplified Registry

As opposed to the past years, it is now possible to access property registry services right from the comfort of your house. With the advent of the online based land and property registry services, Kenyans in the diaspora do not have to necessarily commute all the way just to access the services. The e Citizen portal under the government of Kenya provides a leeway to access of services pertaining to land and property registry.

Easy Land Buying Process

The government through the Housing agenda has also come up with a way in which the process of buying land is made easy. One of the steps through which one buys land is searching, with the intention of knowing all its details including its existence. The government, through the online portal, has devised a way in which individuals in the diaspora can search for property at a small fee. This means that you will be in a position to tell the best places to buy land in Kenya. Other aspects that you will access include the history of ownership, size, title deed number, and the likes.

Regulation of Property Dealership in Kenya

Considering that there have been cases of fraud as far as property market in Kenya is concerned, it is only necessary for the government to come up with a way in which interested property buyers will remain safe. The primary move in this case is to have all companies in property dealership registered under the government act. This means that no property company in Kenya will operate without a legal license.

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