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When do you need a land survey?

What is a Land Survey?

A land survey is a drawing which indicates where the boundaries of a property are. A survey also indicates the measurements and location of the property.

Land survey depends on the size and shape of the land and the available legal description.

When do you need a Land Survey?

Hiring a land surveyor will aid you meet certain requirements for purchasing or locating your property boundaries for your own reference.

Reasons for Land Survey include:

  1. Survey in is done when you need to find the lines and dimensions of the property.
  2. When the buyer needs to meet the mortgage requirements
  3. When locating beacons
  4. Survey is done to settle boundary lines disputes
  5. When the owner of the land wants to build a house or any other structure
  6. When you want to get title insurance
  7. When the property owner wants to update an outdated property survey.
  8. When locating utilities.

Types of Land Surveys

The reason you need a land survey determines the type of survey that you will use. When you want to split parcels of land, locate your property lines you will need to use professional surveys.

There are different types of Land Surveys

Boundary Survey

A boundary survey is conducted to determine the exact borders and corners of a section of land. A boundary survey can also be used to find easements, for individual records and also to resolve legal disputes.

Location Survey

A location survey is also used to determine the boundaries of a land but it includes site improvements. It is used to show the dimension and location os site enhancements. It is also used to show the distance dimensions between the site improvements and the property lines. Location survey is used by land owners for zoning permits.

ALTA Survey

American Land Title Association (ALTA) survey is conducted when purchasing an investment property or a house. An ALTA is required by a title company before they issue title insurance. Lenders often ask for an ALTA before they offer finance hence commonly referred to as a mortgage survey.

Subdivision Survey

Used to divide a piece of land into many lots. A subdivision survey is used to form subdivision plats and must be recorded in the office of the registrar.

Construction Survey

A construction survey requires the surveyor to fence the location of planned buildings and improvements that those building can know the boundaries and the distances they are supposed to reach.

Site-planning Survey

A site-planning survey is used to design the development of site enhancements. It is usually used when applying for construction permits.

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey is normally used by architects and engineers for scheduling site improvements. It displays the location of natural and man-made features like buildings, fences, rivers trees and elevations on a property.

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