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Which Is The Best Place To Invest In Kenya

The question of owning a property is something you might have come across. Almost everyone in Kenya wants to own a piece of land and give their family shelter if not for investment. This has made Kenya’s real estate a gold mine since the demand for land has gone up.  Nevertheless, if you are looking at land investment, you should first do due diligence and understand the market comprehensively. So which are the best places you can invest in Kenya? Keep reading as we shall be discussing that in this article.


For many years, Nairobi continues to receive thousands of people, most of them admiring it for its quality of life and geographical reasons. Some of the satellite towns within Nairobi that steal the show in real estate include Kitengela, Malaa, Juja, Joska, Kamulu, and Kiambu. The main reason people prefer these areas is that the land is available and at a reasonable price. Also, investors have a high chance of better returns in the regions.


Rift Valley is another region that has been eyed by lots of land investors, with Naivasha being the most flooded town. Its landscape, the Naivsa lake, and wildlife park are the main reason why many people want to own land there. The lakeside has the highest number of developers who have invested in the tourism industry by building hotels and resorts. Land in Naivasha is readily available, although it’s priced differently. Naivasha is a town for both the wealthy and middle-class people.


Nanyuki has been known as the white settlers’ town since independence. Most of the lifestyle in the town is dictated by the whites. Recently, real estate developers have invaded the town mostly because of its natural attractions, including the Aberdare Hills and Mt Kenya. Also, the region has large conservancies, with Ol Pejeta being the main one. Additionally, Nanyuki has good weather that suits most people, and that’s why developers are breaking the ground with big projects. Good infrastructure in the region is another reason the town is among the best places to invest in Kenya.


Your eyes should not be on Nairobi alone when it comes to real estate investment. The Coast region is another hotspot that you should explore. The area has marked its place in real estate, and developers are up to task getting the best out of it. There are low and middle development projects coming up, and the land is far from being exhausted. Lamu, Kilifi, and Malindi are the satellite towns in the Coast region that are registering high numbers of real estate investors. If you have long-term plans to invest in real estate, Coast, Naivasha, Nairobi, and Nanyuki are the places you should consider. The land is available and big to accommodate many people, thus meeting the demand. Additionally, the prices are reasonable and favorable for middle-class people. Whether you want to settle down your family or invest in commercials in Kenya, you will not go wrong with any of these places. Do you have a commercial, or Residential Apartment that you want managed? Well here are the property management companies in Kenya. Urban Rentals by Denver is one of the best property managers for your property. Speak to us today.